How to get longer and thicker lashes using coconut oil

How to get longer and thicker lashes using coconut oil

How to grow longer and thicker
lashes with coconut oil

We have been striving for long and thick eyelashes since ancient times, but what can you really do to make them grow thicker and longer? In this text we give you one of many tips and tricks on how you can increase the growth of your lashes to achieve the perfect eyelashes.

Genetics, environment, age and conditions have impact on our eyelashes, and many seem to think that there is not much to do to affect their appearance. However, there are many methods that can increase growth and give you gorgeous lashes. It is important to remember that not all methods work on everyone's eyelashes, you have to try out and see which method produces the best results for you.

The coconut massage method

 Coconut oil is easy to find in your nearest supermarket and can do wonders for your lashes! You have probably heard about the effects that coconut oil has on skin and hair and of its moisturizing benefits, the oil can also make you achieve longer and thicker eyelashes! This method is as natural as it gets.


Make sure you have clean hands before going near your eyes with them! Apply and massage a smal amount of coconut oil to the roots of your lashes before bedtime, this method is slightly greasy and that is why it will work perfekt as a bedtime routine! Make sure you spend a couple of minutes massaging the oil into your roots, be careful not to get it in your eyes. By massaging on and around your eyelash roots you increase blood circulation and blood flow which will boost the growth of the lashes. 

Leave the coconut oil on your eyelashes overnight and rinse it off in the morning. Follow this routine every evening and you may see amazing results on your eyelashes!



Not there yet?
To get eyelashes to grow can take both time and energy, and it can sometimes take months before you can see results of all the time you put in. Meanwhile, while waiting for your eyelashes to become natural beautiful, mascara or false eyelashes can work out perfectly! False eyelashes can often be found in a particular style to suite you and can be reused, so it's not a big expense at all! 
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