Lashes & Care

Lashes & Care

Are all your lashes cruelty free and vegan?
Yes, yes, YES. We are animal lovers and do not support any kind of animal-cruelty.
All our lashes are free from animal hairs and we do not believe in the term "cruelty free mink" either, use of animals, in any way, is cruel.
Many companies claim to be cruelty-free even though they use mink hair, we are not that company. 

How can the lashes be vegan if they are made of silk?
The term "silk" is in the lash industry used to describe a synthetic material that is as soft as real silk.
The lashes are therefore made in a synthetic material and are 100% vegan.

Is lash adhesive included with the Feline Lashes?
No, we do not include lash adhesive with our lashes. However, you can buy it separately HERE.

How many times can I reuse a pair of lashes?
If you follow our recommendations, you will be able to use a pair of lashes up to 20 times, and who knows, maybe even more! It's all up to you!

How do I remove my lashes from the packaging?
Grab on to the lash band at one end with tweezers or fingers carefully. Do not pull them by the hairs.
All our lashes are handmade to purrrfection but if you're not careful, all that will go to waste. 

Do I need to cut the false lashes before use?
All our lashes have a standard length of the lash band which means that you might have to cut the band.
Make sure you measure out the amount you need to cut before.

How do I apply my false lashes? 

After making sure your lashes fit your eye shape, apply a thin coat of glue of your choice.
Place the false lashes as close to your lash line as possible, make sure you don't create a gap between the false lashes and your lash line as it will show. 

When you get the lashes in desired place let them dry for a couple of more seconds and then you will be ready to slay the day!
Remember: No one is a pro when applying lashes for the first time, you simply need to find your own favourite method and practice.

How do I take care of my lashes after I used them?
Taking care of your lashes is key for a long lasting pair. When removing the lashes from your eyes be careful and treat them with love, sober or not.

After use, carefully remove any excess glue thats left on the band with tweezers or fingers, be gentle and do not pull the band apart.
We do not recommend using mascara but if you do, use a gentle makeup remover or warm water with a cotton swab to remove it, please do not soak your lashes.

Use the plastic case to store your lashes, it will keep dust away and make sure the lashes and lash band keep their sexy shape.

I broke my lashes! Can I get a refund?
Lashes that breaks due to wear and tear cannot be refunded. The life time of a pair of lashes depends on how you take care of them and how careful you are.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.