The Kitten Collection - The wait is over!

The Kitten Collection - The wait is over!

We are so proud to announce our latest and greatest collection yet! The Kitten Collection!

We have worked so hard to make the The Kitten Collection as amazing as it is, and we can't wait to let you guys try them on! The collection is made out of 100% vegan and cruelty-free synthetic silk. These lashes are as soft and fluffy as real silk without any harm being done to beloved animals! Yes it's true! The lashes are in great quality and can last a lot of uses, without a doubt 20-25 if you treat them well!

This collection contains four new breeds; Munchkin, Persian, Ragdoll and Bengal! They are picked out to suite every type of eye and style!

We hope you will love The Kitten Collection just as much as we do!
Make sure you check out the collection HERE

Lots of love,
Feline Crew

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